To pay with Paypal:

I don't have click on buttons or shopping cart.  I'm not very good at web-mastering.  I am better at fixing motorcycles.  You have to go to , log in, and enter my email address manually.

Payable to either:  or

Now you can choose to send money as "personal" i.e., as a gift or cash advance.  If you send money as "personal",  Paypal will not charge me any fees, I get all the money, and I don't have to mark up my prices and shipping costs just to offset those fees. therefore I can pass the savings on to you.  You will have to email me your ship-to address separately so I know where to send it.  It's a little more work for me to offer this "backdoor" method of payment, but I do this as a service to you because I want you to have the parts you need at a reasonable cost.   I'm here to help you, not the big banks. 

Or you can send money the regular way, as payment for goods and services. If you send payment as "goods", Paypal will charge me fees, about $1 + $3% of the total (including shipping), and so I have to pass those fees along to you. You don't have to email any more information, your address will show up automatically as a Paypal invoice. It is more convenient.

 I choose to offer you an option. Thank you for your understanding!

If you are not sure about how your account is set up, nor if your payment will qualify as no-fee, or if you are using someone else's account, please pay to  and be sure to include the fees.

Be sure to include:
* your shipping address
* list the item(s) you are ordering.
* specify how you want it shipped and any optional services (i.e., insurance)
* Don't expect me to remember or guess.  It'll just inconvenience everyone and hold up your order.