Shocks & springs

flat rate shipping to 50 states Priority Mail

Progressive Suspension brand shocks and springs can be shipped to you for only $14, US mail Flat Rate Box. 
in order to fit shocks into a flat rate box and save you $$, they may have to be removed from the original packaging and shipped loose. if you want the original packaging, contact us for freight quote.

In most cases I can't ship MDI Brand shocks this way, because I send them via drop-shipment directly from my distributor by UPS ground.  So for MDI products, flat rate shipping charge is $19 to 48 states.

We have a limited supply of NOS Progressive Suspension
 shocks and springs at below wholesale prices.
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Shock Absorbers with Dual-rate springs by MDI
Now available in ALL CHROME only $119/set

Includes 3 sets of bushings, grommets, spacers, 4 washers & spring tool.
Sizes to fit Japanese, & European dual-shock applications 

Note: MDI shocks tend too be sprung STIFF.
   Good for heavier street bikes or two-up riding.

MDI_c.jpg (54336 bytes)
Shown:  eye-to-clevis 
type: length center-to-center
Eye-to-eye 325mm / 12.75"
Eye-to-eye 335mm / 13.20"
Eye-to-eye 365mm / 14.50"
Eye-to-clevis 335mm / 13.20"
Eye-to-clevis 365mm / 14.50"
special clevis-to-clevis* 330mm / 13.00"

* fits Honda CB400T Hawk only.  Since they come with springs are too stiff for most riders, we can respring these shocks with black redwing 70/120 combo at no extra charge.






Special shocks for smaller street or enduro bikes
light progressive-rate springs 

MDI-sm.jpg (52286 bytes)
type: length center-to-center
Eye-to-eye 320mm / 12.50"
Eye-to-clevis 320mm / 12.50"

Different spring weights are available. Contact us for our recommendation for the best application for your bike. Specify year, make, model of bike, any modifications to chassis or rear wheel. Also specify your height, weight, inseam, and whether you want the bike setup for solo or two-up.

Redwing  Shocks
If I can find more, I will, but I can't guarantee these prices.
Grab a set of these no longer manufactured, hard to find, and highly sought after high performance shocks for your vintage & antique motorcycles.
Includes all the hardware shown.
Short sizes available!  Great for choppers!

Standard (KMS/KMC) chrome shocks w/ progressive rate springs.

Note: Redwing shocks tend to be sprung SOFT. Especially the shorter ones.  Good for smaller street bikes, enduros, trials and MX bikes.  For heavy street bikes we recommend re-springing with the black, heavy-duty dual-rate springs below.

RWshock.jpg (52800 bytes)

replacement chrome springs for KMS/KMC series shocks
35 per set (with shock purchase) or $50 per set w/out shocks

type: length
Spring rate
Eye-to-eye 320mm / 12.60" 110/80
Eye-to-eye 330mm / 13.00" 110/90
Eye-to-eye* 340mm / 13.40" 110/90
Eye-to-clevis 300mm / 11.75" 100/70
Eye-to-clevis 310mm / 12.25" 100/80
Eye-to-clevis 330mm / 13.00" 110/90
Eye-to-clevis 340mm / 13.40" 110/90
* recommended replacement for Hodaka chrome-tank 90-100-125cc models


STS and STC (super traction series) chrome shocks

They look just like the standard Redwing shocks but with a little more oil capacity.  They do not come with springs.  Use black springs (below, left) or chrome springs from KMC/KMS series shocks.  )



type: length
Eye-to-eye 310mm / 12.10"
Eye-to-clevis 300mm / 11.75"
Eye-to-clevis 310mm / 12.25"
Eye-to-clevis 330mm / 13.00"
Eye-to-clevis 340mm / 13.40"


  Optional replacement springs
$45w/shock purchase
$65 w/out.

(free installation and spacers w/shocks purchase)

Fits Standard, STS, or Heavy-duty  shocks. available in 70/120, 70/130. 90/110 lbs  dual rate, 120, 130 or 145 straight-weight, lengths and/or spacers to match your shocks.  Springs can be mixed 'n' matched to suit your application. 
RWdr_spr.jpg (49747 bytes)


  Heavy-Duty KMX "hammer" style shocks
Springs not included.  Use optional black springs shown on the left or chrome springs (above, left).
Available in eye-to-eye only. 

NOTE: original spring-mounting hardware is no longer available for these.
I found a substitute brand of hardware that fits and had to special-order it just for these shocks. and even then I sometimes have to modify the adjuster cams.  adjuster cams may come in black, red, silver or blue. Spring dividers may come in black or white.  If you have a preference, let us know and we'll see if we can accommodate.

Availability is spotty. sometimes I have these and sometimes not.

330mm / 13.00"
340mm / 13.40"
360mm / 14.50"

RWHDshck.jpg (73665 bytes)

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