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Yonkers, NY

Occasionally yahoo mail ends up in my spam folder. Sometimes to gets lost completely. I don't know why. you can CC your query to both email links but do not Bcc (blind carbon copy). Or you can email me again.

Many of the parts are no longer available.  I am liquidating  most of my inventory and not restocking, however, occasionally I'll pick up a junk bike and have some fresh goodies to sell.

I am updating the pages a few at a time.

I still sell on eBay but thanks to their new awful payment policies as of Jan 20th 2021 I will be using them a lot less.  I am back to selling direct from this website and using other venues such as Facebook marketplace and various groups & Craigslist.  

a lot of small-time sellers are leaving eBay as it becomes more  favorable for high-volume commercial sellers, flooding the internet with cheap junk from China and increasingly hostile to mom-and-pop sellers and hobbyists

Swap meets are no longer happening thanks to the covid scare.  hopefully that will change soon.  

Repair service is up and running but on a VERY limited scale. The new shop is tiny and it is run out of my home.  I can no longer operate as a commercial enterprise.   I will only be able to take on one repair customer at a time.  

I no longer run this as a full-time business with employees. It's just me.  I am the parts dept., service manager, mechanic on duty,  sales, technical support, customer support, shipping & receiving, ordering, webmaster, errand boy, CEO and floor-sweeper. I will be right with you. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for your continued patronage.



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